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New project: Bettr

Hey everybody. I know the site hasn't been updated for ages. I've been distracted building another pet project: www.bettr.net. It's a fun little way to browse and find the coolest photos on flickr. Check it out and tell your friends coz the more people who vote, the better it will work!

And stay tuned we have some big updates coming soon for Game·Blogs that will serve you up the most interesting stories from the gaming blogosphere, and make the site all WebToo and sexy.

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Thanks to Shane at Aeropause we have a couple of new Game·Blogs Logos. Place them on your site and show your support for Game·Blogs.

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We're now hosting blogs right here at Game·Blogs. Check them out at http://blogs.gameblogs.org/

There's still room for more though, so if you're interested in games and want your own free Game·Blog, contact us.

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Odds and Ends

Make It Big In Games

Before getting down to business here in 2009, I have a few small items to catch up on. Congratulations to GarageGames’ Torque Game Engine Advanced for winning the 2008 Game Developer Magazine Frontline Award for Best Engine. Matt, JoshE, Ken, Debra, et.al. in the TnT group have been working …

I'll be giving a Certified Scrum Master for Video Game Development course/workshop in San Francisco the week of GDC (on Monday 3/23 and Tuesday 3/24). The course will focus on the game specific application of Scrum to game development including team exercises.It's being held at the new …

Fat Consoles

chewing pixels

If cars could gain weight, this is what they’d look like, according to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. The flesh-like aluminum bulges and drips from the frame, wry commentary on a Western culture that’d sooner drive round the block than walk it, perhaps. Or possibly a vision of how cars …

ezGear now into Blu-Ray

Gaming Nexus

by: Dan KeenerNEWS - ezGear, known primarily for their gaming accessories, is now marketing a Blu-Ray player. The BluCobra EZ3000 is the first product in the BluCobra line and supports full 1080p playback throughs its HDMI 1.3 output. In addition, it supports all lower resolutions, BD-Rom, BD …

by: John Yan - Right now I'm toiling around with the G13 Advanced Gameboard but at CES there are going to be a few more new items to the G lineup. First up is surround sound headset that also includes a mic for voice communication. The big thing though is a brand new keyboard dubbed the G19 …

Apex Legends is becoming a huge game and massively popular first person shooter. But winning games in Apex is hard. How will you rise to the top? One method is to use a apex legends boosting service to get to the top. They will win games for you by letting pro booster play on your account.

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2009 Gaming Resolutions

Cathode Tan

Because like Thomas, they're the only ones I'm likely to follow. I made the switch to xbox because of Bungie, but to finish up any remaining PS2 gamesBecause if I don't finish them by the end of next year, it is probably a safe bet I never will.Be Wii FitterWe've got the darn thing, and hopefully I can maintain using it 3-5 times a week through most …

Box Art

chewing pixels

Box Art is the first of two Chewing Pixels spin-off sites that I intend to launch this year. It’s a straightforward tumble log, which will daily post a piece of awesome videogame box art. The game’s title, year of production, platform and country of origin are listed beneath the image. …

The deal of the day hasn't much life left in it, but the non-standard editions of Fallout 3 are wicked cheap at online retailer Amazon right now. Collector's Edition, just $49.98 USD. The Amazon.com Exclusive Survival Edition, as low as $99.98 USD. Hurry!

I’ve been playing Savage 2 game for a bit, and I think these guys have really nailed how the whole “play online for free (but give your money to us little by little)” strategy should be done. Not sure if this is can be called ‘micropayment’, but at least their 5-10 buck …

So I have Guitar Hero: World Tour for my PS3, but the guitar has been a bust. It worked very briefly and now doesn't work at all.So I set up an RMA through the customer support, which went quite smoothly. The guy I spoke with was friendly and helpful. He was amused that his support script kept …

BB Press Release

Gaming News

by: Cyril LachelArticle - Cyril doesn't find a lot to like in this PSP port, find out why he's disappointed inside.Comment

by: Cyril LachelArticle - Cyril doesn't find a lot to like in this PSP port, find out why he's disappointed inside.Comment

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