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Game·Blog Rules:

  • Your blog must be 'largely' to do with Games and/or Games Research. The focus is on 'serious' industry and research blogs, although fan, review and news sites are welcome.
  • Your blog must have a feed. Any variety of RSS or Atom should work.
  • You can select multiple categories to help people find your blog.
  • Please select only the major categories which best fit your blog. If your posts are 90% news and 10% about research, just select 'News'.
  • If none of our categories fit, you can propose new ones.
  • One more time: your blog must be 'largely' to do with Games and/or Games Research. We do reserve the right to remove or reclassify any blog not largely complying with the Games theme. We also occasionally have to remove blogs that create invalid RSS, or who's feeds are frequently unreachable (*cough* feedburner *cough*)

Our Promise:

  • We will only use the information provided for the express purposes of blog aggregation.
  • We will not provide or sell any information provided to any other party except as required for blog aggregation (so if it's in your RSS feed, it will appear on Game·Blogs, basically).
  • We will only check your RSS feed every 4 hours at the the most. We use caching to ensure that we don't hit your site feed too often.
  • We will remove any blog or entry from the system as requested.
  • We will respond promptly if there are any problems or issues.

These are very simple rules, please abide by them. If you find your blog removed, it probably violated one of the above rules. Sorry. If in doubt, contact Game·Blogs. Assuming all of the above is OK, add your feed below.

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