Frequently Asked Questions
How much cake should I order?
You should order enough cake for the guests you know will be attending your reception.  A good general rule is to expect 75% of your invited guests to attend.  If most of your guests are in-town or close by, that number could be higher.  For example, if you are inviting 300 guests, you should order enough cake for at least 225 people.
What does fondant taste like?
Most people think of fondant as having an unpleasant taste, and a lot of times that is true.  Most commercially made fondant is not the best tasting thing on the planet.  That's why we make our own delicious butter-vanilla and chocolate fondant.  We can even flavor it to compliment your cake flavors!
What makes your cakes taste so good?
The taste and flavors of our cakes are extremely important to us.  We get rave reviews on the moistness and texture of our cakes.  And we don't like to brag, but we agree 100% with our customers that we love the way our cakes taste!  Our normal cake tiers are 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of cream-cheese-based buttercream, so with each bite you get that perfect ratio of deliciously moist cake and creamy melt-in-your-mouth buttercream. 
Can I schedule a tasting appointment?
Cake tastings are scheduled by appointment only.  Please call (801)938-2818 or email for more information and to schedule an appointment.
Can I place an order and pick up the same day?
All of our cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are custom made to order.  We do not have cakes, cupcakes, or cookies available for same-day pickup.  Please place your order with at least 2 weeks advance notice.
Where is your bakery located?
We operate out of a licensed, inspected, and insured home bakery in West Jordan, Utah.  No, that doesn't mean we bake out of our home kitchen!  We have a completely separate, full-functioning bakery dedicated solely to the purpose of our cake business.  Our bakery is licensed and inspected by the Utah Department of Food and Agriculture. 
When should I order my cake?
Wedding cakes should be ordered 3-6 months prior to your wedding date.  Spring and Summer weddings fill up very quickly.  We only accept a very limited number of cake orders per week.  We want to give each cake order our fullest attention, so once we book our alloted spaces, we will not accept any additional orders for that day. If you have a wedding date in the months of April, May, June, or August, it is best to book as quickly as possible.  In order to reserve your date, a signed contract along with a down payment of 50% of the cake total is required. 
**Prices and policies subject to change at any time and without notice.**