Cake-A-Licious, Custom Wedding Cakes
Cake-A-Licious, Custom Wedding Cakes

October 2010

Featured Wedding: Annie and Sean

Congratulations to Annie and Sean!
Annie and Sean held their reception at Noah's events center in South Jordan.  My husband and I joke that Noah's is like our 2nd home.  We deliver a lot of wedding cakes to Noah's.  It's such a great venue for receptions.  Annie and Sean held their reception on the upper patio area on a beautiful fall evening.  The weather was perfect.  Their colors were very warm fall tones, and it was beautiful! 
The cake design Annie fell in love with is one of my favorite designs.

Spooky Cakes!

Spooky Cakes!
With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I'd post some of my favorite spooky or ghostly-themed creations. 
Who doesn't love the lovable Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas?  This cake was a birthday cake for my adorable sister Amy, who absolutely loves this movie.  I had quite the challenge sculpting Jack.  His long, lithe body is not easy to try to stand up on it's own, but I learned a lot making him and had such a great time. There's a lot of details on this cake, like the handmade pumpkins, tombstones, rocks, hand painted spooky town, and let's not forget the cute little Zero!

Featured Wedding: Tonia and Garrett

Congratulations to Tonia and Garrett!!
They held the reception and ceremony at the gorgeous Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah.  It's one of my favorite places to "escape" to.  It's a magical little place that is absolutely spectacular, especially in the fall.  I was so excited to get to deliver their adorable wedding cake there. 
I met with them several months before the wedding and they found a photo of a cake with streams of ribbons and bows draped all over the cake.

Cupcake Crazy!

Cupcake Crazy!
Cupcakes are all the rage right now!  And why shouldn't they be?  They're so much fun and make such a statement in small or large groupings.  Cupcakes can be simple and basic to very elaborate with custom toppers, wrappers, ribbons, and all sorts of accessories.  A popular trend is a cupcake tower, especially for weddings.  Some couples opt for a small cutting cake on the top of the tower and then serving cupcakes for their guests to help themselves to throughout the reception, instead of the standard large wedding cake that is cut and served after the bride and groom make their traditional first cut of the wedding cake.

Featured Wedding: Paige and John

Congratulations to Paige and John! 
I had so much fun making their beautiful wedding cake!  Their colors were silver and shades of purple, and Paige wanted to do the cake in both colors.  The cake is done in silver buttercream.  How do you get buttercream silver?  Well, thanks to my handy little airbrush, I can use special food colors to spray the buttercream this metallic silver color.  It had such a pretty shimmer to it.  The lacy pattern is a stencil done in deep purple buttercream.

Featured Wedding: Emily and Andy

Congratulations to Emily and Andy! 
This is one of the couples that brings an instant smile to my face when I think of them.  They are so adorable together.  As you can tell by the photo of their super-cute cakes, they are also a very fun and happy couple!  They wanted something colorful and different, something happy.  Their colors were these bright shades of green, pink, and blue and then the deep rich chocolate brown color.  Emily wanted to incorporate all the colors into her cakes.