3-D Car Birthday Cake
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3-D Car Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Luke!
I always love a new challenge, and this cake was just that!  I had never done a 3-D car cake before, but jumped at the chance when I got the call from Charlie that she wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Luke, with a cake in the make and model of an Acura Integra Type R, which is his favorite car and the car he drives.  Charlie really wanted to get as detailed as we could, and she brought me tons of great photos with details that I needed to get the car as close to the real thing as possible. 
The tires, spoiler, and side mirrors were made in advance out of fondant and left out to dry several days.  We then started on the car body by stacking the cake and filling it, then carving the shape of the car.  The cavities for the wheels and tires were then carved out.  The cake was covered in black marshmallow fondant.  Then we had to use a marking tool to make all the indentations to give the details of the doors, windows, bumpers, etc.  The windows were painted with a silver sheen edible paint to give them a reflective look.  The branding details with the Acura and Type R decals, along with the wheels and a personalized Utah license plate that said "LUKE" on it were all printed on edible image paper and applied to the appropriate places on the car. 
 We added a black platform underneath the car body that raised it up off the cake base and gave it room for the tires to fit under the car so it had a more realisitic look.
This was such a fun cake to make, and we were really happy with the end result.  Charlie let me know how much Luke loved it when she surprised him with it, and I alwasy love hearing how much everyone enjoyed the cake!  What a lucky guy Luke is to have such an awesome girlfriend to surprise him with a special cake that is truly made just for him!